Make Ebook Cover Graphics Fast!

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If you want to make ebook cover graphics that look very realistic, then you will love our photoshop actions. We have 50 different designs to fit virtually any project you are working on. You can literally make ebook covers and other types of ecovers in a matter of minutes! We also includes a bunch of really nice pre-made graphics templates for you to use!

It doesn’t get much easier than that. In fact, here are some examples of graphics that were made using our ecover actions, and the bonus graphic templates:

>>>You can see the collection of all 50 ecover action scripts here!

How to Create a Cover for Your ebook

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There are so many people online selling both their own information products or selling other peoples products as affiliates. One of the biggest problems that these people have is creating the graphics. This can be time consuming or cost a lot of money if you have to pay a graphic designer to do it for you. A big part of creating the graphics is creating the covers for your digital products. Having a cover graphic for your eb0ok or video course is vital when it comes to converting people that visit your site into customers.
You can only describe what is in your ebook so much with words but by being able to show the potential customer a visual image of what they’ll be getting when they purchase you’re able to communicate with them at a much deeper level. Remember the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. People are visual, creative creatures and they often have to see or at least be able to picture in their mind what they are buying in order to make that final decision to purchase.
If you’ve got Photoshop then creating your ebook covers can be as simple as clicking a mouse. Remember, when you use Photoshop Action Scripts to create cover graphics, you’re using the exact same software that professional graphic designers charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to produce for you.
Click Here and check them out for yourself.

Vista Style Box Photoshop Action

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This post is to demonstrate the Vista Style Box 3D Photoshop Action from

As with all of our other actions, this one is very easy to use. First just open up your actions pallette, select the proper action and then press play on step 1 like shown below.

Vista Style Box Action

Once you have your cover graphics designed, you will want to paste it (as its own layer from a different image) on to the red template that you get after you run step 1. Its usually easiest to flatten your cover design image before carrying it over to the template by going to LAYERS > FLATTEN IMAGE

Below I have pasted the new graphic over the template. You may need to press CTRL + T to stretch your image over the canvas if needed.

Cover Graphics for Vista Style Box

After you press step 2, and press play, just give it about 1 minute and your cover will be done! It’s that easy. You now have a very nice Vista Style Box Cover ready to go.

Example of Vista Style Box Action

Example of Vista Style Box Action

You can get this Vista Style Box along with (currently) 49 other high quality 300 DPI cover action scripts when you order the full package. This gives you the ability to create UNLIMITED amounts of ecover graphics for one low cost. You also get 40 pre-made cover graphics templates as one of our exclusive bonuses when you order. In fact, the cover you see above was made from one of the bonus templates. Click Here to Order the Complete Package Now!

Cover Graphics for your Membership Site

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Do you have a membership site?
If you do then you know how important it is to have people join.  Converting visitors into paying members is key.

Its sometimes difficult to show people the benefits they will get when joining your site however, having great looking graphics can certainly help.  This is why we’ve included 4 separate membership card actions in our photoshop cover actions software. With these membership card actions its as simple as cutting and pasting your graphics onto a template and then pressing play. In less than a minute you’ll have your own membership card graphics for your site.


Creating a Software Box using Photoshop Actions

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The best way to create a really good looking cover for your software box is to use photoshop actions. Because the actions do all the hard work for you, it lets you focus more on your design and less on having to create the actual box. Not only are you able to create great looking software box covers for your software products but you can easily go back and make changes to them later on if need be. Using photoshop actions also makes it very easy to re-package PLR software giving it a unique look and letting you both charge more than the other people selling the same software but also get an edge on sales conversion numbers due to the higher perceived quality.
Its true, having a high quality 3d software box
graphic to represent you product is one of the best way to make it stand out from the crowd and get convert more of your visitors to your site into customers.

3d Software Box

3d Software Box

How to Make an Ebook Cover – Photoshop Action Scripts

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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to Make an Ebook Cover by using Photoshop Action Scripts from
First, Run the action of the cover you wish to create (you will do this again later… I am only running it the first time in order to get the exact dimensions of my ecover template.)

Then you want to Flatten the Image so that you can create your ecover design over it.

Next, Start with a base color for the background. Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool, select the entire area and then fill it with a color by going to, Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color (then choose the color of your choice) I used a darker blue for this example.

Next, you want to add in some contrasting colors or designs. The easiest way is to use the polygon lasso tool to select some more

areas to fill in (usin the same fill in technique as before) like shown. In this example, I drew diagonal selections of white and green on the ebook cover design template.

Next you want to add some text. I always like to use gradients inside of my text to make it stand out more. You can do this by going to:

Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay.

You can also highlight your text and press CTRL + H

This will allow you to change fonts without showing the highlight bar, and let you see exactly how the font will look on your ecover.

After you choose the best font for your text, you should experiment with adding in some drop shadows, strokes, inner shadows, outer glows, and any other blending option of your choice to your ecover. You can do this by going to:

Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options.

I always start wit the drop shadow, and move on from there,. remember each blending option is completely customizable with the slider bars provided.

After you are done with your text, you need to add some images related to your niche. You can find good stock images for your ebook covers etc.. at , , and many others. Just do a search on Google for “stock images”. Always be sure to read the rights first before using them!

On a side note, if you aren’t quite up to speed with the inner workings of Photoshop, I recommend either or both of which help anyone get fairly good at Photoshop fast.

I always like to add a sub-headline and a couple images to the cover as shown: (notice I changed the white diagonal background layer to grey. all you have to do is click on the color in the layer pallette and choose a new color.

Note: always remember where your guide marks were from when you ran the action at the beginning. This is to make sure your design doesn’t run off onto the spine of the ebook cover you are creating, or the box cover top etc…

Here’s how it looks so far: (please remember to always save your PSD with all layers in tact!!!)

Next step is to run the Photoshop action again for a 2nd time. This time you will paste your work onto the new template. To do this you will need to make sure your design is 100% complete, and then flatten it again like at the beginning.

Go to: Layer > Flatten Image

Then you simply drag your design with your mouse over to the new action template.

***Once again this WILL NOT WORK if you don’t flatten your entire design image first!!!!

Then simply click on step 2, and press play like shown and hit continue:

Now, since the action scripts from are 300 DPI , you will need to re-size the image for web use. (You can make these Photoshop actions the size of a wall poster if you wanted to)

ALl you have to do is go to:

Image > Image Size

and make sure the “constrain proportions” checkbox is checked, and then change the height or width to something acceptable for your use. I usually change the width to 500 pixels. It will automatically adjust the
height to match.

Now you need to view the image at 100% by changing the percentage on the bottom right of your resized image window to 100%.

That’s it! now you have your finished ebook cover.

Now You can easily make any of the 50 different ecovers and add your own custom cover graphics by using our ecover action scripts cover software. It really is that easy. Not to mention, you will also get 40 pre-made PSD templates for you to mess around with on your own. Purchase the entire set of 50 here >> Photoshop Action Scripts

Photoshop Actions

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Adobe Photoshop is one of the best softwares ever created. It is used in most graphics that enhance products and also any designer packaging. Photoshop is indeed the industry-standard when it comes to the best in graphics design and is taught in all design varsities and curriculum involving graphics.

Most websites today use Photoshop for graphics creation and editing. There are loads of new websites being made every day and these need brands, graphics, headers, product covers and more. It can get very pricey to create headers, e-book covers, trademarks and other graphics because you have to hire a graphics designer and then wait for that designer to finish the project.

Photoshop Actions
A better alternative is Photoshop actions. We are living in world that is extremely fast-paced and that demands every second of our time. That suggests it may not always be possible to hire a Photoshop designer and wait for the design to be started. In today’s world, we often need to automate the jobs that we do. There are literally hundreds or maybe even thousands of actions that do not come bundled with Photoshop. These include such valuable scripts as the ones that immediately create headers, ebook covers, electronic book poster graphics, avatars, buttons, background and layouts for custom website design and brands.
Info marketing involves e-books reports and tutorials on the lots of thousands of numerous niche subjects. Creating ebook covers and software boxes can be tedious and time-consuming if you attempt to create them yourself. The most effective way is to use action scripts. These easily automate the process of creating e-book covers and software boxes that are of superb quality and instantly add value to your product by making it stand out. Not to mention that they can be re-used and customized to fit just about any niche.

photoshop actions

photoshop actions

Unique ecover actions – Clipboard Action Script

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If you want to stand out in your marketing efforts, you can surely do that with our Photoshop Action Scripts. One really cool ecover action you can use is the clipboard. What’s really cool is the fact that you can change the color of the actual board to anything you like. Below I have ran a couple different examples using the clipboard action script. As you can see, there are a ton of possibilities for its use.

Example 1: Digital Invitation


Example 2: Real Estate Listings


There are a ton of things you can do with just this one action script! Simply use your imagination. You will get this, along with 49 other top quality ecover action scripts when you buy our package. Click Here to see the entire package of scripts.

Make Money Online With eBooks

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One of the most common ways to make money online is to sell your own eBooks. eBooks are becoming popular as they are convenient, inexpensive and useful. The world of eBooks however is a crowded place and getting started may not be that easy. Writing and selling your eBooks maybe daunting at first, but like any other huge endeavor, it helps to break down the task into small manageable activities that may help you reach your goal eventually.

Here are 5 tips to get you started on writing your first eBook:

1. Find your niche. Although you can start a business marketing eBooks created by others by buying reseller rights, nothing could be more fulfilling than writing and selling your own eBook. When you’re ready to give your writing talents a chance, you can start by making a list of the five topics you feel you can write about with authority. It could be topics based on your life experiences or your interests. Zero in on the first three which you think could also interest a good number of people. Finally, choose the one which you feel you could be passionate about, as you would find that it will be easier to write about something you really care about.

2. Know your target audience. One of the most common mistakes that eBook writers make is not understanding who their target audience is. Do an online research or conduct a survey among your friends to create a profile of your possible readers. When you know who maybe interested to read your eBook, you could understand better what value you could add to your eBook to make it more interesting to your readers.

3. Price your eBook competitively. Many think that offering eBooks at a very cheap price is a sure way to get buyers. However, if you sell your eBook way below the going price, people may doubt your credibility. Make a study of what’s already available online and make comparisons before putting a tag on your eBook.

4. Build your marketing strategy. Write a good sales letter that will immediately catch the readers’ attention. Emphasize the benefits that buying and reading your eBook could bring to your readers’ lives. Make your site visible by finding ways to drive traffic to your site.

5. Create a professional looking eCover. Making a good first impression on your audience that will immediately communicate your message at one glance is important. Your eCover must immediately attract the attention of first time visitors to your site. To produce an attractive eCover, you can either hire a graphic artist to design your eCover or use a software that will generate it for you. Photoshop Action Scripts makes it possible for you to create amazing eCovers with simple easy to follow steps. With 50 templates to choose from, you can easily create your own unique eBook cover with 3d high definition.

Most internet marketers have found financial success writing and selling eBooks. With a good combination of talent, skill and creativity, you could also find online success as an eBook writer and get paid for what you love doing most.

Check out’s easy to use Software that lets you create Amazing 3-dimensional 300 DPI cover graphics in two simple steps.

Product Branding Through Photoshop

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Internet marketing is becoming more and more an attractive option to make a living nowadays. Not only does creating your own online business provide a sense of freedom (you’re your own boss!), it can possibly open up income streams with minimal investment.

Just like in traditional businesses, branding is an important concept in internet marketing. Creating an online presence that tops your competition and produces product recall within your target audience is essential for your success. It’s been proven many times that using graphics to market your product (be it a website, an estore, a CD or an ebook) can boost site traffic and sales. With the proper tools in the business, packaging your product professionally is possible, even if you don’t really have the gift of a graphic artist nor the money to pay one.

One such tool that has helped a lot of website designers is Photoshop, a user-friendly image editing software that allows you to design graphics which you can use for a variety of purposes. Even a beginner can create professional looking graphics using Photoshop Action Scripts.   The beauty of using action scripts is once you’ve created your basic design, the scripts can make your 2D design come to life by adding depth automatically. Photoshop Action Scripts are particularly useful in designing ebook covers, CDs and MP3s. Using action scripts to make your graphics come alive can create a more lasting impact on your audience.

Photoshop Action Scripts is designed to be user-friendly, and with the 50 pre-made templates, you can easily produce professional 300 DPI ecovers that can help you convert website visit to maximum sales.

Click the link below to find out more.

Photoshop Action Scripts

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