How to Create a Cover for Your ebook

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There are so many people online selling both their own information products or selling other peoples products as affiliates. One of the biggest problems that these people have is creating the graphics. This can be time consuming or cost a lot of money if you have to pay a graphic designer to do it for you. A big part of creating the graphics is creating the covers for your digital products. Having a cover graphic for your eb0ok or video course is vital when it comes to converting people that visit your site into customers.
You can only describe what is in your ebook so much with words but by being able to show the potential customer a visual image of what they’ll be getting when they purchase you’re able to communicate with them at a much deeper level. Remember the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. People are visual, creative creatures and they often have to see or at least be able to picture in their mind what they are buying in order to make that final decision to purchase.
If you’ve got Photoshop then creating your ebook covers can be as simple as clicking a mouse. Remember, when you use Photoshop Action Scripts to create cover graphics, you’re using the exact same software that professional graphic designers charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to produce for you.
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