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This post is to demonstrate the Vista Style Box 3D Photoshop Action from

As with all of our other actions, this one is very easy to use. First just open up your actions pallette, select the proper action and then press play on step 1 like shown below.

Vista Style Box Action

Once you have your cover graphics designed, you will want to paste it (as its own layer from a different image) on to the red template that you get after you run step 1. Its usually easiest to flatten your cover design image before carrying it over to the template by going to LAYERS > FLATTEN IMAGE

Below I have pasted the new graphic over the template. You may need to press CTRL + T to stretch your image over the canvas if needed.

Cover Graphics for Vista Style Box

After you press step 2, and press play, just give it about 1 minute and your cover will be done! It’s that easy. You now have a very nice Vista Style Box Cover ready to go.

Example of Vista Style Box Action

Example of Vista Style Box Action

You can get this Vista Style Box along with (currently) 49 other high quality 300 DPI cover action scripts when you order the full package. This gives you the ability to create UNLIMITED amounts of ecover graphics for one low cost. You also get 40 pre-made cover graphics templates as one of our exclusive bonuses when you order. In fact, the cover you see above was made from one of the bonus templates. Click Here to Order the Complete Package Now!


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