Boost Online Sales with Great Looking ECovers

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In today’s virtual world, it is not that easy to find your niche where your product will outsell its competitors. Websites grow in numbers exponentially everyday, and it takes a lot of ingenuity and creativity to find your spot and keep it.

Most internet marketing gurus will tell you that the best way to get that competitive edge is to target your audience, offer a product that has maximum appeal to them and use the right marketing tools to achieve visibility that can be translated to sales.

A newbie online marketer can easily create an online product even with no technical background and at minimal cost. However, the challenge rests on being able to sell this product to a crowded market.

Studies show that online visibility can be achieved by using graphics for promoting your products. With little technical knowledge, it is now possible to make your graphics come to life with the use of the right tools for image editing.

With Photoshop Action Scripts creating your product’s online image has never been so easy! With 50 templates to choose from, you can easily design professional looking 3D high resolution graphics that you can use for ebook covers and boxes, CD and DVD covers, banners and logos, etc. With its user friendly interface and options for various effects, you can easily design graphics that can come out looking unique.

Click here and you’ll be on your way to boosting your online sales!

USB Action Script to go along with your Ecover Graphics!

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We have a whole bunch of awesome Photoshop action scripts that you can use. We are marketers ourselves, so we understand the need to stand out from the crowd in your marketing efforts. That’s why we have designed some really kick ass actions that anyone can use to make 3d graphics in a flash. One of our newest action scripts that you will receive when you buy our amazing package is the USB thumb drive action script:

as you can see, the color is up to you! You can literally change the color to anything you want! I went ahead and made a new design for the usb action script and chose the color blue. Check it out:

This is just one of 50 different action scripts that we have to offer at

We offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee since we are so confident you will love our product! We also have some cool bonuses just to sweeten the deal! Click Here to see them all!

How to use Photoshop Action Scripts

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We specifically designed Photoshop Action Scripts to be as simple as possible for anyone to use. Not only can you quickly create beautiful 3d ecovers for your products but we’ve also included 40 pre-made templates for you to use when desiging the look and layout of your covers. It really doesn’t get any easier!
Check out this video to see them in action!

How to Make an Ebook Cover

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How to create a Spiral Notebook ecover.

The first thing you’ll need to do is create your 2d cover graphic. You can do this by using stock images and formating your text.

example of an ebook cover

Once you’ve got your layout set be sure to flatten your image. You can go to image > layer > flatten image.

Then you’ll want to pick out your cover action from the actions pallet. Press “alt+f9″ to access the actions pallet.

example of an ebook cover

Then simply choose the Spiral Binder action that you want to use. There are a few different versions so you can pick which one will look best for your project.
Then run Step 1 of the action by pressing “play”. Be sure not to press any keys or use your mouse while it is running.

example of an ebook cover

Then once you’re template is created you’ll need to drag your image over onto the template. Select your “pointer tool” and drag it right over.

After you’ve got your cover graphic placed onto your template you’ll need to use the “free transform” function to stretch it into place. Since the cover actions are 300dpi the templates will be very large. Dont worry about this right now as your stretching your cover into place. You can always shrink your final cover image back down to whatever size you want.

To stretch it into place you need to press “ctrl+T” or edit > free transform.

example of an ebook cover

once you’ve stretched into place the way you want it, simply double click on the image and it will finalize the transformation.

Now you’re ready to run the second step of your action. Go back to your actions pallet and select step 2. The press play.

example of an ebook cover

The second step will take anywhere from 1 min. to 5 min. depending on how fast your computer processor is. Remember not to press anything while this is running.

example of an ebook cover

Next you want to resize it down to whatever size is going to be best for your needs.

To resize click on “image” and then select “image size”. Be sure that “constrain proportions” is checked and input the new size that you would like and press ok.

example of an ebook cover

Now that you’ve resized you’re image you can save it. Do this by selecting “file” and then “save image as”. Select the format that you’d like to save the image as, name it and press ok.

example of an ebook cover

And there you go. Thats all there is to creating an awesome looking 3d cover graphic.

Learn to Re-package PLR (private label rights) products with new graphics and profit!

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Learn to Re-package PLR (private label rights) products with new graphics and profit!

One of the fastest ways to make profits is by repackaging PLR products. PLR or private label rights is a kind of reselling  that allows then new owner to modify the product to his/her liking. Most of the time, this modification is necessary, because the product needs to be rebranded or built up to attract more costumers.

You can re-package PLR (private label rights) products with new graphics and profit as an online entrepreneur. For websites, the solution is obvious. You can purchase a pre-made website with all the necessary contents that you need. After all, it’s easier to tinker with the website’s layout than it is to rewrite all the content. As a website entrepreneur, you can either hire a graphic artist to do this for you, or tweak with the website on your own with powerful web developing softwares.

If you’re not that much of a techie, we recommend using high quality ecover action scripts to create a fresh new look for your PLR product.  Remember, online business people spend a fortune e just to have their labels redone. Once you’re learned to design your new labels and logos yourself, you’ll be generating more profits and spending less on unnecessary labor.

You’ll find that you’ll be operating more smoothly as well. Most entrepreneurs suffer from delays because they can’t communicate how they want to do their labels and logos to the graphic artist. Once the technical knowledge is in your hands, you’ll be in full control of your online business and its branding.

How to Make a Living as a Freelance Ecover / Ebook Cover Designer

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Ways for you to Make a living as a Freelancer designing ecovers

If you’re smart, you’re going to find ways to make a living as a freelancer designing ecovers for websites. This is because aside from article marketing, online entrepreneurs are now paying as much attention to their website’s visual enhancements. For a long time, people thought that the only important thing was for their websites to have keyword-rich articles. Recent studies have shown that good graphic representation also helps “brand” the company, even if it’s only online.

There are two stages in generating online revenue in an internet business. Stage one involves increasing website traffic. Obviously, for you to make any type of sales, you need to attract visitors and costumers as well. In conventional advertising, this is simply termed as “exposure”. The later stage, right after exposure, is probably more significant, though. You need to know how to convert this website traffic into actual income or sales.

This simply means that every website owner needs to convince his/her visitors of the product’s quality. Good ecovers also give the website a professional feel to it. This makes most consumers trust the website more. Remember, it’s very hard to make sales over the internet. This is because, unlike real stores, websites are very easy to move around. The internet entrepreneur would have to make sure that they come off “more permanent” than other websites offering similar products.

As a graphic artist, you don’t have to limit your income based on what you get from a single company anymore. The popularity of ecovers online gives you more than enough room to make extra money. You can even work for several companies, and design separate ecovers for them in a matter of minutes, thanks to Photoshop Action Scripts.

If you have even the most BASIC knowledge of Photoshop, you can easily start an ecover business with Photoshop Action Scripts

Depending on feedback you receive, you can start charging $27 up to $97 for a single ebook cover.  With the software, you get plenty of designs to fit the needs of your clients.  Just design the flat graphic in Photoshop (text effects etc…) and then plug it into the action script.  Walla! You now have made an ebook cover / ecover for your client.  If you need some fast cash, this is the way to go.  You can literally spend 15 minutes on a design, run it through one of the many actions, and have a high quality ecover for your client!

Increasing Conversions with eBook Covers

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By converting your 2d images of your products into 3d images you’re going to easily increase conversions on whatever it is you’re selling. Even if you’re giving away something like an ebook its going to be much more attractive for people to sign up if you’ve got a nice graphic ebook cover to show people what they’ll be getting.

Here is an example of an ecover we recently created for one of our customers. As you can see this is going to be much more of a draw to his sites visitors than if he had just a text link pointing to it.

example of an ebook cover

example of an ebook cover

People love to be able to see what they are getting before buying or opting in. This can be difficult sometimes when dealing with digital items such as software or ebooks. However by using a simple program like photoshop action scripts to create you ecover graphics you can quickly create great looking covers for your products.

Spiral Notebook eCover Action

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This video shows just one of the 40 Actions currently available with Easily customizable and quick to create. Making beautiful cover graphics for your products has never been easier.

These 300dpi cover scripts are the perfect solution for displaying products on your website, in print, in displays or anywhere else a graphic representation of your items are needed.

Photoshop Action Scripts Review

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Our action scripts were recently reviewed by Howard from Iceflow Studios – Owner of:

You can find his youtube channel here:

We had asked Howard for an honest review of our product, which he did. In his review, he demonstrates how to create 2 different DVD cases using our ecover action scripts.

Using Templates to Create 3d eCovers

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We’ve added 40 new templates that make it very easy for you to create professional looking templates for use with the photoshop actions. These 40 templates each have a different look and layout so you can easily pick the right one for your project.
You can also mix and match them to create a custom template. It really doesn’t get any easier than this to create beautiful 3 dimensional graphics for your products.

These 40 templates come as an included bonus with your purchase of Photoshop Action Scripts.

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